Magic Trick: Dice in a Box
Magic Trick: Dice in a Box

Magic Trick: Dice in a Box

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The Dice in a Box is a great casual magic trick designed to confuse and wow your friends and family!

Effect: Hand a dice and box to a volunteer. They place the dice in the box, without you looking (they memorise the number on the dice that can be seen as they put it in the box). You take the closed box from them, then turn it back and fourth to show them that the box is completely sealed. Hand them the bigger box, ask them to place the small box into the big box and shake it. Ask them to hand the box to another audience member who can open both boxes, then to everyone's complete amazement, you tell them the number on the dice! 

  • Instructions Included
  • Contains small parts/choking hazard (dice) not suitable for small children