TACHANKA - Six Collection Series 1 Figurine

TACHANKA - Six Collection Series 1 Figurine

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Inspired by Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 video game by Ubisoft, the Six Collection refers to the charms that hang on the operator’s weapons. These 3” chibi style figurines are highly detailed, small collectible figures paying tribute to your favorite operators. Series 1 features 10 different character styles. Each figure is sold separately and is perfect for kids and collectors age 14+. Alexsandr "Tachanka" Senaviev is a Defending Operator specialized in heavy weapon manipulation. He uses his favorite weapon, a RP-46 Degtyaryov machine gun, to annihilate the enemies. Real force of nature, he is a powerful advantage when it’s time to defend the target.
  • Each Chibi style figure stands 3” tall.
  • Each figure is made from PVC and stands atop a flat-base.
  • Each figure is a highly detailed stylized version of the operator.
  • Series 1 features 10 different character styles to collect and display.
  • Each Six Collection collectible figure sold separately.
  • Ages 14+

*Actual packaging may vary slightly as supplied image is a Ubisoft preview render, however the product itself remains the same.