SMOKE - Six Collection Series 1 Figurine

SMOKE - Six Collection Series 1 Figurine

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"'What's in the canister?' I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill you."

James "Smoke" Porter is a Defending Operator specialized in the poison gaz production and manipulation. He has been recruited by the special force for his courage and determination on the battlefield. He created a unique toxic gaz that he can toss on the enemies thanks to his Remote Gas Grenade.

Ubi Workshop created just for you, the official Six Collection - Smoke Chibi, similar to the charms hanged on the operator's weapons. Highly-detailed, the Six Collection Chibis are unique collector's items.

In addition, by purchasing this figurine, you will receive a unique code to unlock an exclusive content in Rainbow Six Siege game.

*Actual packaging may vary slightly as supplied image is a Ubisoft preview render, however the product itself remains the same.