Chessex Metal Polyhedral Copper 7-Die Set
Chessex Metal Polyhedral Copper 7-Die Set

Chessex Metal Polyhedral Copper 7-Die Set

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Includes one (1) unique (random colour/shape) Lab Dice™!

Made in Italy, the Chessex Metal Polyhedral Dice range is reserved for those who want a quality set that is sure to last for a very long time. These dice are completely metal and as such are weighted for a unique feel of quality and craftsmanship that is sure to impress their owner!

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  • 1 x Polyhedral Lab Dice (random dice in each set)
  • The following metal dice:
    • 1 x D4 (four-sided)
    • 1 x D6 (six-sided)
    • 1 x D8 (eight-sided)
    • 1 x D10 (ten-sided) numbered '1-9' and a '0'
    • 1 x D10 Percentile (ten-sided) numbered '10-90' and a '00'
    • 1 x D12 (twelve-sided)
    • 1 x D20 (twenty-sided)


  • Colour: Copper
  • Dice Dimensions: Vary by shape - standard sized polyhedral set
  • Case Dimensions: 170mm (w) x 97mm (h) x 30mm (d)
  • Weight (per set): 180g
  • Weight (per dice):
    • D4: 10.35g
    • D6: 21.6g
    • D8: 18.2g
    • D10: 20.2g
    • D10(Percentile): 20.2g
    • D12: 25.8g
    • D20: 28.9g
  • Numbering: Normal numbers (not dots)